We are pioneering the cause of palliative care in the tribal state of Jharkhand in India through our hospice, KOSISH, which is a registered NGO. KOSISH is the first NGO in Jharkhand providing palliative care services. Our team of professional workers provides free care to the community and work as unpaid volunteers. We have been providing our services to the community since 2006. The Government of India does not recognize palliative care as a specialty and hence there is no government policy for it; thus no funding is available. Narcotic rules vary from state to state and administrators in most areas consider a low priority issue. Illiteracy, poverty, ignorance are the rule of the day. Most people do not have access to basic health amenities. Care of the terminally ill remains a low-priority issue with them. Death means a mouth less to feed – economics simplified!

Our main areas of interest is to make the best use of locally available, accessible, affordable & acceptable resources for symptom control with the overall motive of improving the quality of life of terminally ill patients. We have developed the ‘Kosish cocktail” and popularized the use of low-dose ketamine in palliating terminal dyspnea. We am currently working with advanced dementia, evaluating the spiritual issues & hope in end-stage renal disease.


  Our Mission

Kosish team provides palliative care and support for the elderly infirmed & terminally-ill patients so that they can live as fully and comfortably as possible. The hospice movement has earned admiration, endorsement and devoted support for its work with people who face the end oflife - and with those who love them

Our Activities

Annual report of KOSISH

1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008

Kosish carried out the following activities in the above mentioned financial year;

  1. Pamphlets in Hindi & English were distributed in the local community highlighting the importance of palliative care & the role of community participation.
  2. Local helpline numbers were generated & made available to the public for access to palliative care services.
  3. Donations for promotion of palliative care services were sought from the public.
  4. Volunteerism in palliative care was promoted & new membership drive was encouraged.
  5. Scientific activities were planned & a research project on the use of low dose ketamine in palliation of terminal dyspnea was protocolised after approval from the local ethics committee.
  6. A small building was constructed using eco-friendly materials like bricks, mud & wood at Satanpur village. This acts as a satellite center of Kosish in providing palliative care services. The funding was made available by personal contribution by the members.
  7. Dr.A.K.Dam successfully completed his Fellowship in Palliative Medicine.
  8. On World Hospice Day, a programme entitled “Role of Music Therapy in Palliative Care” was organized followed by a lecture on Introduction to Palliative Care at Sec. 8 C, Bokaro Steel City. This was attended by 150 delegates. Funding was organized by local contribution.
  9. Kosish organized a programme entitled “light a life” in which the community was invited to participate & light a lamp in memory of their departed relatives on the eve of Christmas.
  10. Dr.A.K.Dam & Mr. Sanjay Kumar attended the International Conference on Palliative care at Cochin, Kerala on Feb.2008.
  11. Dr.A.K.Dam was elected as a member of the executive council of IAPC.
  12.  With the involvement of local leaders of the community, a water mattress was donated to a terminally ill & bedridden patient living in the slums on 26 Feb.2008. This event was also utilized to highlight the importance of community participation.