Annual report

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Annual report of KOSISH

1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008


Kosish carried out the following activities in the above mentioned financial year;


1. Pamphlets in Hindi & English were distributed in the local community highlighting the importance of palliative care & the role of community participation.

2. Local helpline numbers were generated & made available to the public for access to palliative care services.

3. Donations for promotion of palliative care services were sought from the public.

4. Volunteerism in palliative care was promoted & new membership drive was encouraged.

5. Scientific activities were planned & a research project on the use of low dose ketamine in palliation of terminal dyspnea was protocolised after approval from the local ethics committee.

6. A small building was constructed using eco-friendly materials like bricks, mud & wood at Satanpur village. This acts as a satellite center of Kosish in providing palliative care services. The funding was made available by personal contribution by the members.

7. Dr.A.K.Dam successfully completed his Fellowship in Palliative Medicine.

8. On World Hospice Day, a programme entitled “Role of Music Therapy in Palliative Care” was organized followed by a lecture on Introduction to Palliative Care at Sec. 8 C, Bokaro Steel City. This was attended by 150 delegates. Funding was organized by local contribution.

9. Kosish organized a programme entitled “light a life” in which the community was invited to participate & light a lamp in memory of their departed relatives on the eve of Christmas.

10. Dr.A.K.Dam & Mr. Sanjay Kumar attended the International Conference on Palliative care at Cochin, Kerala on Feb.2008.

11. Dr.A.K.Dam was elected as a member of the executive council of IAPC.

12. With the involvement of local leaders of the community, a water mattress was donated to a terminally ill & bedridden patient living in the slums on 26 Feb.2008. This event was also utilized to highlight the importance of community participation.


Annual report of KOSISH

1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009


Kosish carried out the following activities in the above mentioned financial year;


1. Propagation of palliative care awareness in the community

2. Home care activities were given special emphasis in which many terminally ill patients were cared for at home with regular home visits being given by our team. Focus was laid upon empowering the family in the care process. Use of locally available resources were promoted.

3. Active feedback on the satisfaction with the care process was obtained from the relatives of the patients to have a means of internal audit of the quality of care being provided & also to find avenues for rectification & improvement.

4. On 16 June, 2008, a special awareness camp was organized at Vill. Satanpur, Dist. Bokaro.

5. Dr.Dam & Mr.Sanjay Kumar were invited by the Dept. of Oncology, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, on 8 Aug.2008 to deliver a lecture on palliative care. A major outcome of this process was to convince the authorities to start a Pain & Palliative care unit in the hospital, which was officially declared by the Medical Director.

6. Dr.A.K.Dam was invited by Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna on 16-17 August, 2008 to deliver a lecture on palliative care. During this period it was formally announced by the Medical Director, Dr.J.K.Singh, to start a large palliative care center & Hospice at Hajipur, Patna.

7. A local press conference was organized on 14 Sept.2008 at Bokaro Club as a part of advocacy campaign for palliative care. The conference was addressed by Dr.A.K.Dam, Mr. Sanjay Kumar & Usha Rani Mohanty.

8. The First Eastern Zonal Palliative Care Update was organized on 25-26 Oct.2008 at Bokaro Club. 150 delegates attended the conference which included doctors, nurses, paramedics, social workers & general public. The international faculty included Ms.Gilly Burn of CRI, U.K. & the national invited faculty included Prof.S.Sarkar from Kolkata Medical College & Dr.Arpita Bhattacharya from Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata. A souvenir was released on the occasion.

9. 100 NCC cadets were given an introduction to the concept of palliative care on the occasion. The theme was ‘catch them young’.

10. The website of Kosish, www.kosish.org was inaugurated by Ms.Gilly Burn & Dr. Mahapatra, Director, Bokaro General Hospital on 25 Oct 2008.

11. Dr.Nivedita Datta & Mrs.Usha Rani Mohanty undertook the Certificate programme in palliative care & successfully passed the exams.

12. Dr.A.K.Dam was invited by the Dept. of Radiotherapy, Kolkata Medical College to conduct exams for certification in palliative care.

13. Dr.A.K.Dam & Mr.Sanjay Kumar underwent a one month training in Pediatric palliative care at a Childrens hospice in Warsaw, Poland in Nov.2009.

14. As a part of our ongoing advocacy to procure oral morphine for the terminally ill, a meeting with the Drug Controller of Jharkhand was undertaken at Ranchi.

15. As a part of continuing advocacy, articles were published in the Hindustan Times dated 23 Jan 2009 & 16 Feb. 2009.

16. Kosish was visited by Ms.Gilly Burn, Founder Director, CRI, UK & Dr.Lindsay Crack, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, NHS, UK in Feb.2009. During their visit, a small refresher course on advances in palliative care was organized at Bokaro Club which was attended by 50 delegates. They also visited the remotely located villages in Kantadih, Dist. Purulia & Vill. Obra at Pindrajhora.

17. The international annual conference on Palliative care at AIIMS, New Delhi was attended by Dr.Dam, Mr.R.K.Karan, Mrs.U.R.Mohanty & Mr.Sanjay Kumar. It provided a valuable platform for interaction with national & international counterparts & growth of knowledge.


Annual report of KOSISH

1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010




Kosish carried out the following activities in the above mentioned financial year;


1. Receipt of a grant from Help the hospices, U.K. in the form of study material called the Palliative care Toolkit programme. A financial grant of 2000 GBP (pounds) was also included but the same could not be availed as we did not have FCRA status. As we did not have access to the grants, I personally conducted lecture sessions on various aspects of palliative care, following the guidelines of the toolkit & adapting the knowledge to the local conditions. I am a national faculty & examiner of the IAPC. The training was held in batches of 10-11 students, consisting of doctors & nurses. We even invited paramedics(O.T.technicians & pharmacists) for the sessions. The language used was English & Hindi.

2. Local awareness programme in palliative care with thrust on community participation was carried out at Jodadih More in which 15 young men & women were given lectures on palliative care with the intention of promoting community participation

3. A workshop organized by Indian Association of Palliative Care at Karunashraya hospice at Bangalore was attended by Dr.A.K.Dam. The topic was “Involving the media”.

4. A glucometer was purchased to assess the blood glucose status in the rural elderly for early detection & treatment of diabetes mellitus.

5. Dr.Nivedita Datta, Consultant Gynaecologist was requested to hold regular gynaecological check-up for the rural elderly women at Vill. Obra, Thana Pindrajhora. This service is currently available on the first & third Saturday of every month, free of cost.

6. A decision was taken by the executive committee to lay more thrust on care of the rural elderly & hence twice a month camps for the rural elderly was started at Vill.Obra, Thana: Pindrajhora.

7. Funding was sought from pharmaceutical companies & local donors.

8. The “once a month nutritious meal programme” for the rural elderly was started at Vill. Obra with the aim of early detection & rectification of nutritional deficiencies in the rural elderly. Utensils & cooking stove for large scale cooking were procured. Partial funding was made available for the same from local donors & a small grant from the IAPC.

9. Local patients suffering from cancer as well as other terminal diseases were provided palliative care regularly by our home visit team.

10. Dr.Chandreyi Bandopadhyay was motivated to undertake the certificate course in palliative medicine, which she passed with flying colours.

11. Dr.A.K.Dam traveled to Kolkata & Cuttack to conduct the exams for the certificate course in palliative care at Kolkata Medical College & Regional Cancer Center respectively.

12. Dr.Dam’s scientific paper entitled “Use of low dose ketamine & midazolam in palliation of terminal dyspnea” was accepted for presentation at Together2009 at Perth, Australia.

13. Dr.Dam also received a travel grant from Together2009 to present his paper at Perth, Australia.

14. On World Hospice Day, Dr.Dam & Mr.Surjit Sigh undertook “Hospice Tour India” in which they drove through seven states promoting the message of palliative care. The veichle was provided by Hindustan Auto Agency, Bokaro Steel City & funding was partially through local contributions & the rest self-funded.

15. An initiation grant of Rs.75,000 was provided by Indian Association of Palliative care through which a local guard cum co-ordinator was stationed at Vill.Obra. In addition the grant money was also used in conducting visits to Kantadih & Adra for promoting palliative care & home care visits.

16. Two scientific papers were published in the Indian Journal of Palliative care.

17. Dr.A.K.Dam was invited to deliver a guest lecture on “palliative care in Gynaecological malignancies” at Conference of Gynaecological malignancies held at Kolkata on Sept. 2009

18. Dr.A.K.Dam delivered guest lecture & chaired session at “Excellence in Oncology 2009” at Cancer Welfare home & Research Center, Thakurpukur, Kolkata in Dec.

19. Kosish was shortlisted for the Spirit of Humanity Awards by Americare India.

20. A lecture on “Care of the terminally ill in the last days of life” was given at Bokaro General Hospital to the doctors.

21. The annual conference of IAPC was attended by Dr.Dam & Mr.R.K.Karan at Trichi, Tamilnadu in Feb.

22. Dr.A.K.Dam was re-elected as a member of the Executive council of IAPC at Trichi in Feb.2010.

23. Dr.A.K.Dam received a scholarship to participate in Palliative Care Education & Practice programme to be held at Dana-Fraber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, Boston, USA in April 2011.

24. A seminar on Palliative care for the elderly was organized on 20 March, 2010 at Bokaro Club. 50 delegates attended the programme which included dignitaries. The programme highlighted the role of palliative care in the elderly. The speakers included Dr.Dam, Dr.Nivedita Datta, Dr.Sanjay Choudhary, Dr.T.Sudhir & Dr.P.Pandey.



Annual report of KOSISH 2011-2012


1. Health camp for elderly conducted at Pindrajhora in April. The elderly were given free medicines and food at the camp.

2. Screening camp for breast & cervical cancer & its awareness organized at Chandra, Chandankiyari block.

3. Tree plantation programme organized at Pindrajhora on “Van Mahotsav Day” with the help of local volunteers.

4. A screening camp for dementia was organized at Pindrajhora.

5. An information, education & counseling programme on palliative care was organized at Jain Hospital, Bokaro Steel City for ANM’s.

6. Maternal, child & elderly care started on a regular basis at Pindrajhora on every Saturdays.

7. Dr.A.K.Dam passed the Diploma in Palliative Medicine from Cardiff, UK.

8. Dr.A.K.Dam got selected for MSc in Palliative Medicine at the University of Cardiff after being awarded a Commonwealth scholarship. He also attended the contact session at Cardiff, UK for 6 days.

9. Dr.A.K.Dam visited Regional Cancer Centre, Cuttack, to conduct certificate course in palliative care.

10. Dr.A.K.Dam & Dr.Nivedita Datta invited as guest speakers on an Update in Palliative care at Thakurpukur Cancer hospital, Kolkata.

11. On World Hospice Day, 09 Oct 2011 a workshop on Volunteerism in Palliative Care was organized at Jodadih More, Chas involving paramedics & volunteers.

12. The training manual for volunteers published by the Pain & Palliative Care Society was translated into Hindi by Mr.R.K.Karan.

13. An annual general body meeting was organized at Sec 4, Bokaro Steel City.

14. Dr.Anil Agarwal appeared for the certification exams in palliative Care in Jan. in Medical College Kolkata.

15. A small hut made of eco-friendly materials was constructed at Pindrajhora.

16. Prof.Jaeck Luczack from Poland visited KOSISH in Feb. 2012

17. A MOU was signed between Kosish & University of Poznan, Dept of Palliative Medicine, Poland.

18. A conference on “Volunteerism, Spirituality & Palliative Care” was organized in the “Institution of Engineers”, Bokaro Steel City on 04 Feb 2012.

19. Dr.A.K.Dam delivered a lecture on “Working without morphine” at the pre-conference workshop at IAPC Annual conference at Kolkata.

20. Dr.Dam, Mrs. U.Mohanty, Dr.S.Dey & Mr.Sanjay Kumar participated in the IAPC annual conference at Kolkata in Feb 2012.






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