As a part of its ongoing initiative for providing quality palliative care services to the needy , KOSISH has initiated it`s kolkata chapter with the vision of imparting training, advocacy & providing palliative care services in the city of joy.


The service will be based in south kolkata, but will provide services all over kolkata & its adjoining areas. The primary focus of care will be " CARE OF THE ELDERLY" with the aim of providing home care and maintaining dignity with good symptom control.


The operation will be spearheaded  by Mrs Dhira Bose and her team.


For further details contact  92316 11392

The Kolkata Chapter of Kosish-the hospice advanced a further step by introducing music therapy in home-care with our team. Bringing back a long forgotten smile back reveling in music of yonder times....bringing forth a gushing torrent of me...mories, mostly happy, remembering those good times when you could actually walk & dance....to watch the slow hesitant look of happiness break onto your face & the endearing lost look in your eyes with your mind lost in the blissful past.....we could restore some of her lost dignity....even if transiently. Tears flowed down her cheeks & that was our greatest reward ever!